Mum failed to get help for child

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A MUM who failed to seek medical help after her one-year-old baby burned its hand on an iron has been spared prison.

The former heroin addict appeared in court after earlier pleading guilty to a neglect charge over the injury.

Police spotted the burn when they carried out a drugs raid at the mum and dad’s Hartlepool home.

Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard officers found the house was in a “poor condition”, with dog mess and evidence of drug use around the property.

It was said the baby accidentally burned its hand the day before the police raid when the mum, who cannot be identified, was ironing and turned her back briefly.

She and the dad ran the baby’s hand under cold water, washed it, put Vaseline on and gave the child Calpol.

But they did not take the child to a doctor.

Andrea Milsom, prosecuting, said: “The injury was accidental, but it was the failure to address that injury and seek appropriate treatment following that.

“Secondly, she also accepted the home was not in a suitable condition for a child which would have been crawling around at that age.”

The mum admitted assault, ill treatment or neglect of a child on July 16 last year.

Neil Taylor, mitigating, said the mum had asked the child’s dad if they should take it to a doctor but he said no.

He said she has since kicked her heroin addiction completely, moved out of the house and turned her life around.

Mr Taylor said: “She is a lady who would never do any harm to her children.

“What she didn’t do was get the child checked out at the appropriate time but no harm followed on from that.”

He added when the child was seen by medics, it did not need any treatment.

The mum was given a community order with nine months’ probation supervision and told to pay £100 towards the costs.

The baby’s drug dealer dad, aged 23, was given 16 weeks prison for the neglect offence.

He is currently serving a three and half year jail term for heroin dealing.

Janet Henderson, chairman of the bench, said: “Looking at the photographs it’s quite a nasty burn.

“I think you have had a valuable lesson from this experience that any injury caused to a child you know to get expert attention.”