Mum-to-be jailed for glass attack

Katie Hull
Katie Hull

A MUM-TO-BE will give birth in prison after being jailed for nine years for a near-fatal glass attack on a neighbour.

Katie Hull, 32, smashed a pint glass into April Watt’s face in revenge for a previous relationship that the victim had with Hull’s boyfriend.

Katie Hull (left) and Katrina Gill

Katie Hull (left) and Katrina Gill

Hull also slashed Miss Watt in the throat with a piece of the broken glass while her friend Katrina Gill joined in the attack with repeated punches and kicks.

They left Miss Watt, known as Dotty, lying unconscious in a pool of blood after the attack in her own home.

The slash to her neck was so serious that when the victim’s frantic dad arrived on the scene he thought his daughter was dead.

Teesside Crown Court heard that on leaving the property in Charterhouse Street, Hartlepool, Gill, 28, callously said to Miss Watt’s partner: “Come with us and leave her to bleed to death.”

The judge said a quick-thinking neighbour who gave the victim first aid may well have saved her life.

He awarded Jemma Boocock £250 that will be taken from public funds for the vital help she gave.

Hull, who is six-months pregnant, had threatened to attack Miss Watt in the weeks leading up to the attack on August 7 last year.

She also claimed she was going to get a friend from out of town to come to Hartlepool to help attack Miss Watt.

Gill helped Hull trick her way into Miss Watt’s home by saying that Hull wanted to put the feud behind them.

She let them in and they all started drinking, but when Miss Watt later tried to stop Hull and Gill from getting inside after returning from a neighbour’s house, Gill grabbed her by the throat and forced their way inside.

They then attacked Miss Watt while she was sat on the sofa.

Hull also sprayed air freshener in the victim’s face during the attack.

Anthony Dunne, prosecuting, said: “Her father and his partner both arrived before the ambulance and both saw April lying unconscious on the floor with a large amount of blood on her and it was their initial reaction that she had died.

“It was clear from the evidence that this was a very dangerous wound, which could have had more serious consequences.”

Miss Watt was rushed to hospital and has since made a full recovery.

Hull was convicted of wounding with intent and Gill of unlawful wounding after a trial in March.

Ian Mullarkey, mitigating for Hull, of Charterhouse Street, said she had battled drug problems for a number of years and was showing signs of progress.

Referring to the glass used, he said: “It wasn’t carried to the scene with any intent to injure the victim, it was a weapon which came to hand during the assault.

“The separation of her new-born child will be an additional punishment to her.”

Joseph Spencer, mitigating for Gill, of Hargrove Road, Harrogate, said she played a subordinate role in the attack.

He said: “She feels she has let herself down and let her partner down and she knows she has to be punished.”

Gill was jailed for 15 months.

Sentencing the pair, Recorder Peter Johnson said: “You left April Watt lying in her own home with blood squiring from that wound.

“This was an extremely serious injury which as I have indicated might well have been fatal.”

The judge praised Miss Boocock and added: “I commend her for her public spiritedness in going across to what might have been a potentially dangerous situation for her to give immediate first aid to the victim.

“She showed enormous courage, she showed great pluck in terms of searching the wound to ensure there was no remaining fragments of glass.

The defendants no doubt owe her a great debt. This saved what was an extremely serious situation becoming a fatal situation.”