National triumph after losing 80lbs

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A SUPER-SLIMMER who has shed a whopping 80lbs dropping four dress sizes has come runner-up in a country-wide weightloss contest.

Hartlepool woman Jeanette Willis has lost an amazing 5st 10lbs in just seven months by following a special carbohydrate-free diet – and says she has never felt better.

The 45-year-old followed the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme – which supports dieters with nutritional and psychological advice – after she had spent years feeling chubby, heavy and self-conscious.

Married Jeanette, who is head of finance at Hartlepool Borough Council, lacked so much confidence that she even avoided taking foreign trips for fear of having to ask for a wider seat.

She also told the Mail that at her heaviest weight of 18st, she kept falling over and suffered with aching feet and knees.

By October last year she decided enough was enough and started the diet, and in February entered the Britain’s Biggest Winner competition, which is run by Boots and dietary expert Tony Ferguson himself.

The mum-of-one was invited to an awards dinner in London on May 26, where TV doctor Christian Jessen – from hit show Embarrassing Bodies – announced Jeanette as runner up.

She scooped a prize of £250 of High Street shopping vouchers.

Jeanette, of Coatham Drive, West Park, said: “I was really pleased to have come runner-up. It’s quite a personal achievement to lose that weight.

“I used to cry going shopping and felt so bad about myself. But now when I get up on a morning it’s like the best gift for me, my life has been completely transformed.”

Jeanette says she used to “eat massive amounts of everything” with toast, chocolate and crisps being high on the menu.

But now, a more slimline Jeanette – who weighs 12st 5lbs but would ideally like to get to 11st 3lbs – eats a much healthier diet of a breakfast shake, fruit snacks, salad lunches and meat and vegetables for tea.

She said: “I’ve become more innovative in what I eat and I feel really good.”