These are the most popular Netflix shows to binge in first 24 hours of launch

Marvel's The Defenders, the Gilmore Girls reunion Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life and anime show The Seven Deadly Sins were the most popular Netflix series in the UK to binge watch in the first 24 hours they were available, the streaming service has revealed.

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Fancy trying out any of these recipes?

National Baking Week: Four super-easy baking recipes for kids

It's National Baking Week! Time to don an apron and get busy in the kitchen.

The Aldi meal, top, and the Slimming World meal.

Slimming World suing Aldi over their 'copycat' diet meals

Slimming World has threatened to sue Aldi after it accused the supermarket of copying the dieting groups branded ready meals.
Are you superstitious?

Friday the 13th: Why is it unlucky?

Better stay indoors, folks. It's Friday 13th, the most cursed day in the calendar.
You've voted for your favourite retro chocolate bar!

Who remembers the Fry's Five Centres bar? You've chosen it as your favourite for Chocolate Week

Chocolate eaters of the North East have spoken! You've voted for your favourite bygone days bar.


Engineers turn Nissan into 190mph radio controlled car and race around Silverstone

Engineers have transformed a Nissan GT-R into the world’s ultimate radio controlled racer - capable of 196mph - and raced it around Silverstone.


Volcano Vindaloo? Morrisons launches the UK's 'hottest' ready meal curry

When it comes to spicy food, can you handle the heat?

What's your favourite curry?

The UK's king of curries has been revealed

In the 20th National Curry Week, the UK’s favourite spicy concoction has been revealed.


When do the clocks go back? All you need to know

Autumn is here, the nights are drawing in – and soon it will be time to turn the clocks back.
How well do you know your horror films?

Can you beat the ultimate horror movie quiz?

Do you know your Texas Chainsaw Massacre from your Amityville Horror?

Chin chin! Will you try out this new Prosecco?

Lidl launches ‘hangover-free’ Prosecco

If you’re prone to hangover hell every time the bubbly is popped Lidl has answered your prayers with a Prosecco that’s allegedly hangover free.
What's your favourite chocolate bar?

Which is the best of these retro chocolate bars?

This week celebrates one of the best sweet treats around - chocolate!

BBC image of the Bluray steelbook artwork for the release of Doctor Who: Shada an episode which was not completed due to the 1979 strikes as original footage which has been digitally remastered and completed with brand new colour animation.

Half-finished Dr Who episode to be completed after 38 years

Doctor Who star Tom Baker is to reprise his role as the Time Lord after a near 36-year absence as a previously unfinished episode is to be released.

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Advent calendar swaps chocolate for cheese

Advent calendar swaps chocolate for cheese

If you'd rather swap your choc for cheese this December, your fromage dreams have been answered.

Comedian Catherine Tate who will reunite with her former Doctor Who co-star David Tennant (left) as she joins the cast of cartoon comedy DuckTales. PA picture.

DuckTales to return featuring voices of David Tennant and Catherine Tate

Comedian Catherine Tate will reunite with her former Doctor Who co-star David Tennant as she joins the cast of cartoon comedy DuckTales.

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New emojis

Gender-neutral emojis join hedgehog, giraffe and dinosaur in new set of icons

Apple has released a new set of emojis - which include gender-neutral faces and an orange heart - as part of the technology giant's latest software update.
Will you be playing tonight?

Record £168million EuroMillions jackpot up for grabs

The biggest Lottery jackpot ever offered in the UK could be won on Friday.

How British are your favourite foods?

It's British Food Fortnight - but some of those quintessentially British foods, er, aren't. Yes, there's a variety of drinks and brands which don’t originate in or are no longer actually owned by companies based here.
Some tips on how to comfort your pet this Bonfire Night.

Five tips to keep your pet safe this fireworks season

Every year eight million pets suffer in the UK because of fireworks.
Would you fancy trying the Buckfast sweets?

Buckfast-flavoured sweets to appeal to 'younger generation'

The monks behind a controversial tonic wine have blasted a Scottish confectioner as "highly irresponsible" for making Buckfast-flavoured sweets.

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