UFO public debate long overdue

On 17th December I gave a presentation on the subject of aliens and UFOs at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre.

The venue provided a superb acoustic and visual arena in which to show the moving and compelling video evidence from first hand witnesses.

Some of the witness accounts dated back to 1941.

This is the second presentation I have given on the subject, and what struck me on both occasions was the degree of seriousness and awe which descended once the talk got underway.

I could sense that the audience were treating the event with a sense of grave importance, and there was not the slightest hint of ridicule or derision throughout.

Having seen the evidence in the presentation, afterwards, everyone remained in their seats while audience members asked questions.

Several interesting questions were raised by the audience and not one questioner challenged the basic premise of whether the UFO phenomenon was real or not. All of the questions demonstrated concerns about the future. Among these questions were,

Do you think the human race is ready for this information?

Have you ever been intimidated or threatened and do you worry about this?

What technology has already been taken from recovered UFOs?

When do you think the government will tell the public?

How come governments other than the United States don't seem to have information?

Several people spoke of their experiences of witnessing UFOs, and one man briefly described his abduction experience. After the presentation another man emailed me and said that I was very brave to speak out on this issue. He then offered me his services as a bodyguard.

In the years to come, when the time is right, our politicians will debate this subject openly in parliament just as we all did in Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre.