FEELING GREAT: Don’t let your ‘house’ fall down around you

This from an email subscriber of mine sceptical about last week’s column on the importance of having your feet in the right position if you’re wanting to achieve great physical health.

“No offence Paul, but it just seems a bit odd that my knee pain is caused by my having foot trouble. You’ve got me thinking, but I’m a little confused. Please explain…”

To best answer this, let me start with a story about a house that fell down in minutes, but was inevitable from the moment it was built.

See this house wasn’t that old. Built in the 50s. (Possibly around the time you were born?...)

Looked great, spacious, front and back garden and kept the owner warm in the winter. Did everything that the owner required. And yet despite how great it looked, something was fundamentally wrong with the house the owner wasn’t aware of.

For years, cracks started to appear in walls, doors would swing open with out being pushed and eventually even damp started to set in and creep up the walls too.

At first he thought nothing of it and left it alone for a few more years. But soon, it got annoying.

And eventually troubled him enough to ask a builder friend for any ideas on why it was “all of a sudden” happening to his house.

And when he got the answer from the builder,  he got worried.

Because the cracks that were appearing in his beautiful home were caused by the builders having neglected to install the foundations correctly back in the 50s.

And as anybody who knows anything about buildings will tell you, if the house isn’t build on solid foundations, doesn’t matter how pretty or strong it looks up top, it’s eventually coming down. And it did.

Now it took the guy in this story a lot longer than he would have hoped to recognise the fact that there was a problem with the foundations of a very valuable asset. But he had the warning signs, so he only had himself to blame.

And let’s just say he was none too happy with himself when the builder announced that the likelihood of his big, beautiful house falling down, could have been stopped, if only he’d done something about the warning signs when he first spotted them.

Anyway, moral of the story? The foundations that your health and body are built upon are your feet. And if neglected, then like the house, cracks will appear. And the type of cracks that I’m talking about often start to appear at the age of 40. 

Will often come in the form of knee joint pains, strange noises like clicking and cracking, maybe even grinding coming from inside joints, regular back ache, muscle tension, swelling and stiffness.

And so if you want to stop your most valuable asset (your health) from crumbling down around you like the house in this story. Do the opposite of the owner of this house and get the foundations of your health looked by an expert, sooner, rather than later.

Unlike the owner of the house who lost everything because he ignored the warning signs, you’ve got an opportunity to stop the worst-case scenario by making one simple decision to explore the opportunity of wearing what are called orthotics to firm up the foundations of your health.

It’s a simple decision to add them to your favourite shoes that could see a he reduction in the aches, pains and stiffness you live with each day.

If the thought of that sounds appealing, then for more a free information guide on the benefits of wearing orthotics to firm up the foundations of your health, look here. www.paulgoughphysio.com/custom-orthotics-inserts