FEELING GREAT: Is your footwear damaging you?

DANGEROUS FASHION: Your shoes could be causing you injuries.
DANGEROUS FASHION: Your shoes could be causing you injuries.

Let me tell you a nice story…

So there I was in the local park at the weekend pushing my young son back and forth on the swings, and I couldn’t help but over hear a young mum next to me who was trying hard to get her young son to “put his sunglasses on”.

Now, it was a low sunset in Ward Jackson Park on Sunday, and her boy, about four years old, was squinting right at it as she was pushing him into it.

His mum asked him at least four or five times to put on his sunglasses, yet he completely refused to do it each time.

Admittedly, I did think to myself that, maybe, she should just switch him around in the seat to face the other way (away from the sun), but hey ho she continued to ask him to wear them.

And here’s what happened:

It was only when the boy’s mum asked him to put his sun glasses on or else he would get another headache, that he finally did as his mum said and put his cool shades on over his his eyes, instead of his head.

And, that got me thinking. About two things:

1.) That we often need to be reminded of pain before we’re motivated to take action and do something for the good of our health


2.) That most sensible people, once shown the benefits of doing something, often go ahead and do it, even if it’s begrudgingly.

And that might include changing what you wear on your feet!

Because one of the big problems that we’re seeing in my physio clinic these days is an increasing number of people coming to see us with things like back, knee, hip and Achilles type problems – all caused primarily by poor choice of footwear.

Sure, all of these “fashion” shoes might look nice, but they don’t do much good when it comes to protecting vital joints and helping you to reduce the risk of wear and tear inside joints.

Two such poor choices of footwear include:

1.) Loafers – Reason why is they don’t always fit correctly to your feet, and that means your joints are more likely to move around – meaning more wear and tear happening inside your joints.

2.) Winkle Picker Style Men’s Shoes. Why? Because we’re seeing toes getting squashed inside of the narrow toe box which causes toes to point inwards, likely to create a bunion which can be very painful to live with, and may even require surgery.

In all, there’s 13 very common dangerous footwear mistakes.

So that’s why I put together this new Special Report, The 13 Dangerous Footwear Trends Of Today’s Society.

It reveals the most “deadly” types of footwear that I recommend you be more aware of – and I also offer suggestions for what you can do to lower the impact of what I call “fashion footwear” is going to have upon your joints, should you wish to continue wearing them.

I have made 25 free copies available for Mail readers and fans of the column, and if you’d like one, please just call my clinic and request a copy be sent to your home with my compliments. The number to call is (01429) 866771.