SHAW THING: Are you organised or scatterbrained?

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ORGANISATION: verb, to be organised, to arrange into a structured whole.

Almost my entire life people have marvelled at my organisational skills and it has taken me years to realise that they are wrong and I’m probably the furthest from organised a person can get.

I put things down in my bedroom and don’t pick them up for six months and I wonder where they are the whole time

Most people seem to think I know what I’m doing all the time because I’m very anal retentive about books and stationary.

Only a handful of people know what I’m like away from school – and it’s fair to say I’m completely scatterbrained.

I think I probably get that from my mum. She checks and rechecks our back door whenever we leave the house, just in case.

I can’t count the times she’s left her car keys in completely obscure places and we’ve ended up taking the spare set.

I forget everything unless I set an alarm to remind me. I have three a day for three days a week in an attempt to remind me to write this column.

I still manage to forget sometimes.

I’m often quite uninterested in the physical though. I can be quite satisfied left alone with just my brain to entertain me.

I think that lack of interest in the physical comes from my love of memories.

I like to think I have a writer’s brain, meaning I put more stock in experiences and memories.

Often times, those are tied to physical objects though and there is your answer to why I’m such a clutter bug.

I have a set of wooden elephants from a trip to India in 2002 that will forever remind me, quite viscerally, of the smell of incense at the markets we visited.

That’s why I am completely unable to throw away anything of sentimental value – and that leads to a lot of clutter and drawers stuffed full of old leaflets and receipts from holidays five years past.

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