WAYNE’S WORLD: An apple a day is great business

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The new Apple iPhone has been launched.

However, my column today is not to write about the phone but Apple employees in general.

If you are launching a customer-based business may I advise you to sit in an Apple store and watch the staff.

Not only are they clever, but their attention to customer service is amazing.

Last Saturday in 20 minutes I watched thousands and thousands of pounds spent and part of that huge amount of money actually came from an old couple who were from Hartlepool, who were shopping in the Metrocentre, Gateshead.

When you are in Newcastle and you hear someone say they are from Hartlepool, as a columnist for the Mail you find yourself stalking them a little to find out the next topical inspiration for a story.

The couple were around 70 years of age and looked like classic grandparents and they were in the Apple store to buy their granddaughter a new computer and get this, an iPad too!

They could not stop talking about their granddaughter who was going to university after getting great grades and they wanted to give her a good start and get her a computer.

The staff of the shop sat down and showed the couple a demo, taught them a few things and let them play and showed them how to Skype even hooking them up with family members live.

The old couple were so impressed they bought two computers, one for their granddaughter and one for themselves using their hard-earned savings,

I nearly fell of my stool and I am sure the member of staff could not believe it.

I told my wife all about it over a coffee but then I realised that the store helps and educates everyone.

How many of us have chosen a computer in a rival store not really knowing it’s specification and choosing it because it seemed “to look really good”?

Upset a customer they will not come back. They won’t tell everyone, they will tweet and facebook it to thousands.

I hope any business doing good things gets positive social updates too.

So with this little story in mind – to the young waiter at the restaurant I was at last night, not knowing the soup that was on, or the specials and rolling your eyes when we sent you to find out, is not great.

This is perhaps the reason why you never got a tip when we left.

Thankfully for the poor man whose restaurant it was, the food was so amazing we will be back.