WAYNE’S WORLD: Prices are unfair

Last Sunday I went to a local fair where I live.

I was very excited as my three young children love these local events.

You know that you will spend lots of money on rubbish, but feel better because it supports the local community and the kids have a great time.

This particular event was to raise funds for a cricket club and in past years the event has been great fun.

I thought it strange though that they hold it on the same weekend as the Great North Run which attracts many thousands of local people and their families, running or not to watch the big yearly event.

The weather was windy and at times rainy but we still made it there for when it opened at 12.30am.

We were excited to see the police dog display that featured heavily on their advertisements.

We paid the £2.50 to enter to then find out “no police dog display due to reasons beyond their control”. Instead it was replaced with a sheep dog that controls geese.

My eight and five-year-olds were not impressed.

Not to have our spirits dampened even though the rain was doing its best we looked down the list of what’s on.

It seems that our early arrival was not great as most things were on later in the day and already my kids were getting bored.

Schoolkids dancing and singing are not the most exciting things in bad weather especially if you have no affinity with the kids or the school and the next thing that they wanted to see, the kick boxing demonstration which was not for a few hours.

I tried to be a good dad so bought them a burger from the BBQ which was delicious but pricey, especially for kids at £2.00 a burger.

After the food we looked at the stalls. They were all overpriced and and if you did win, the prizes were what I would described as pound shop gifts, tat that would be dumped as soon as they got it home.

The tea and cakes stall got it right though, local, tasty produce at a fair price and the boys loved the cakes.

I felt that our support had been let down, I tweeted this only to get a good friend who likes the cricket club edging his support for it as he would as he is a man of great character but I cannot change my opinion, I doubt I will go next year.

In this day and age you need to put on a show for families and anything that needs to be paid for needs to be a realistic price.

Most families have two to three children so you can easily spend £30 on nothing.

It’s good for the fundraisers, not so great for the family budget when for the same money you can enjoy the latest blockbuster at the cinema with popcorn!

Finally for those that do not agree with this written piece of life, the children’s merry-go-round that lasted for two minutes for children aged tow to five years was £2.00 a go. It was not busy as parents were saying no.

Give good value we will spend it all. Make it too expensive and watch people leave.