WAYNE’S WORLD: the heat is on ...

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What a blast of hot weather we have had, with more on the way.

I love the hot weather if only to see how long it is before people break into complaining about how they have had enough and wished it was a little cooler.

I heard someone saying how they wish it was this hot every day.

Yeah that would be nice, but our way of life would have to change.

Having worked abroad I can tell you it’s fantastic for a month. But then you just seek the shade and aim to be as cool as you can.

However, it has some unbelievable perks.

The stuffy dining room where Sunday lunch is served is swapped for a BBQ on the beach.

And drinking chilled white wine while sitting on a rock looking out to sea is just priceless.

But could you imagine how many businesses would not survive because of that one lifestyle change if the weather was nice all year round?

The one thing that I do think is amazing is how families seem to sit and eat together more as the early evening is dedicated to getting together with family, friends and neighbours and eating and talking without a mobile phone in sight.

I know that I can go weeks without seeing or speaking to my neighbours.

But as soon as the sun is out you seem to see more of each other and the invitation of coming round for a glass of wine or a beer seems so much more welcoming.

It’s a great way to bond with your neighbours, even though I do like to make sure relationships don’t go too far.

I once had a neighbour who thought because we got on so well, they could knock on my door and just walk in.

In the hot weather Hartlepool has so many areas that are so beautiful yet so many places that also look great when the weather is cold and miserable, which is a good job really as most of the time we know what we get.