WAYNE’S WORLD: Time is short at Christmas

I love Christmas but I just do not have enough time.

It seems that everyone else is always looking forward to a party and I seem to be working?

Fridays are normally a quiet day for me at work.

When I say quiet, the opportunity for a late start is good so tonight I am going to a Christmas meal only for my boss to arrange some training that starts tomorrow at 8.00am.

Then on Friday, December 20, where it seems the whole of the north stops for Christmas, I have my work’s Christmas dinner followed by drinks and frivolity only to then have to DJ in a busy City Centre bar where I know I will get grief all night from the customers.

On the subject of Christmas presents, I have broken the so called “male trend” of leaving it to the last minute, having completed all of my Christmas shopping.

Mind you I only have to sort my close friends and a present for my wife, as for everyone else in the family, my wife does all of it.

So next year I really need to get my social life planned out better.

I would like to think someone agrees with me reading this that my biggest complaint is that all the parties seemed to get crammed into one week which makes it very expensive.

You get so tired and you normally only enjoy one of them.

I’m busy, everyone is busy and now the roads are becoming really busy and if I did not have enough to do I still haven’t put my Christmas lights up outside.

Yet again my amazing wife has completed decorating the house and it does look good, for a second, until our two year old Jack wakes up and re-arranges everything.

So with very little time to put up fairy lights while I hang off a ladder, I am opting for something new.

My projector which will play out Christmas videos like Santa and snow scenes.

It will take five minutes to put up and I hope will look very, very different.