WAYNE’S WORLD: Trip to cinema is a costly treat

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It’s the school holidays and one of the treats my children love is a trip to the cinema.

We normally leave it towards the end of the holidays as it is a great bargaining tool for good behaviour.

Normally I go to see the movies I like on my own.

Granted I do look like Billy No Mates, or a man who has been stood up on a dating agency first night date, but I don’t mind.

The reason I don’t go with my wife is that we have very little in common when it comes to films, even though she is super cool and takes me to see the latest Bond movie.

As a family we love going to the cinema and we went to see the latest kids movie Epic yesterday.

The movie is brilliant but I realised how expensive a trip to the movies has become.

Tickets and movie food eats into £50 easily when you are a family of five even though the baby gets a free knee.

The cinemas need us to buy the expensive food to survive but I wonder how much longer this can go on?

Given that today’s televisions are so big and the picture is crystal clear and DVDs are going super high tech now with 3D, HD, Imax versions, I think one day people will stay at home.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be a proportion of people that will want the big screen experience.

But I do see a day when the filmmakers do a special online delivery of the latest film direct to your television, as soon as they have figured out a way to stop people copying it.

Will it work? Well for me and my wife when we do want to go to the movies together to see something like Hangover 3, we need to budget for another £20 on top to pay for a babysitter, so we would definitely love that option.

Before cinemas panic, the kids would never be happy with that so the new generation will still want to see it on the big screen with more effects and detail.

For some of us though we can still remember when the cinema stopped the movie half way through to sell you an ice cream – how the movie experience has evolved.

Who know what the future will bring but I am sure it will be brilliant.