WAYNE’S WORLD: We should be to the manners born

I was always taught to respect your elders and have good manners.

I have no problem in calling someone I do not know sir or Miss.

It’s old fashioned but I do not care as manners cost nothing but they do not always get a good reaction.

I held a door open for a lady the other day and I was greeted by a response I was not expecting.

The lady who was in her 50s looked like she had her hands full with a large designer handbag and shopping, so I opened the door.

It was one of those occasions where it was not left open to stop it hitting the person coming through in the face.

I literally waited 30 seconds for the lady to arrive at the door.

I did not mind as I thought I was displaying good manners.

The lady scowled at me.

“I do not need the door holding open for me just because I am a lady,” she said?

My response was pure poetry and very quick. Sarcastic yet simply true.

I replied “I am not holding it open because you are a lady. I am holding it open because I am a gentleman.”

I thought after I had said it she would retaliate with a sharp response but instead the lady gave me a warm smile.

Manners really do cost nothing.

In fact if we can all be helpful it makes everyone’s day better.

Manners are something I have taught my three young boys from an early age and it is an ongoing process.

Currently I am having difficulty getting my eight and four year olds to simply sit on the dining room chair properly.

They seem to slouch and sit on the chair at an angle on one butt cheek.

I have to tell them time and time again. I know school would not stand for it.

“Please” and “thank you” are a way of life and I am pretty laid back but nothing annoys me more than when you go to a to a shop and you hand your money over to the cashier and they do not say “thank you”.

Manners cost nothing but if you are a business and have none it may cost you a customer.