WILLO TALK: The wonders of modern technology

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THANKS to the wonders of modern technology, this week’s column comes to you from a little village in the south of Scotland after I finally found an internet connection.

Despite being on a fortnight’s holiday, my unswerving dedication and commitment to the cause sees me continue to file these words.

Our employers have equipped us with hi-tech mobile phones and laptops.

So no matter where we are in the world and no matter what time, we are only a click of button from work.

Gone are the days of a weather-beaten old hack sitting in a pub with a tatty notebook and pencil trying to find stories, these days we’re all “mo-jo’s”, which is short for mobile journalist apparantly.

Someone has clearly been thinking outside the box in management meetings to come up with that one. But let’s all find the nearest wifi cloud hotspot zone and embrace it.

So far with my super duper new gear, I’ve taken pictures, recorded videos, uploaded stuff onto the website and put links to stories on Facebook.

I’ve even found the time to write a story for the paper.

We’re all the same, this is the new era in journalism and we’re all thinking digitally.

There’s a big wide web out there, and we’re all tapping into it now and it’s great.

So as I take a breather from watching the golf in Scotland to write this, I’m hoping I don’t lose my signal any more because it’s already cut off seven times to get me to this point.

And my phone is telling me I’ve only got 13 per cent battery left.

And the size of the buttons on this phone means I can’t type as fast as I normally do. So this email is taking ages.

But I’m sure I’ll be up to speed sooner rather than later and by the time I return to work a week today I’ll be fully refreshed, raring to go, and full of ideas on how to further improve our multi-media skills.

Unless of course I tweet in sick and blag another couple of days off.