Our World Cup Woolly predicts score of England v Uruguay

EWE don’t really want to know what the outcome for England could be if the prediction from the mail’s World Cup Woolly come true tonight.

Woolly predicted England would draw against the Italians on Saturday night, but the Azzuri came out on top 2-1.

World Cup Wolly

World Cup Wolly

Now Woolly is back for a prediction in our second game in the group against Ewe-ruguay, who were beaten 3-1 by Costa Rica.

Woolly, who lives at Tweddle’s Petting Farm, Blackhall, was given the same conditions as last time.

He was given the choice of three bottles, one marked with “England”, one with “Uruguay” and one with “Draw”.

Woolly hesitated a little, but went for a victory for the South Americans.

(left to right) Bob Waite, Mark Hogeson and Dan Wayman ready to have the England V Uruguay game predicted

(left to right) Bob Waite, Mark Hogeson and Dan Wayman ready to have the England V Uruguay game predicted

But fans will be hoping she is wrong again and England win to get some points on the board.

Dan Wayman, who looks after Woolly said: “I still think we can win it, even if Woolly doesn’t.

“It’d be nice for him if he was right, but I’d rather we hammered them.”

With players like Ross Baa-rkley pushing for a start, fans will be watching eagerly.

The match is expected to be close, with both teams needing the win.

England’s task will be harder, now that Luis Suarez says he is fit for the game.

The striker has come out in the press, saying that he is in sheep-shape for the clash.

Dan has said previously that England would beat Brazil in the final, and still stands by that result.

He said: “Woolly hesitated, so he might do a ewe-turn and go for an England win.”

Woolly will be hoping to rebuild his reputation, after failing to make a correct prediction last time.

If England are overpowered, then Woolly should be careful.

Paul the octopus predicted Germany’s downfall in the last World Cup, and was sent death threats afterwards.

While England played well against Italy, it may well be shear determination that sees them through.

Woolly will be back for the prediction in the final group game against Costa Rica, giving his view on the result, of the match next Tuesday.