Pair jailed after police car rammed - VIDEO

A CAR thief who rammed a police car during a high speed chase along residential streets has been jailed.

Banned driver Wayne Rogan, accompanied by passenger Jonathan Robson, drove a stolen car at speeds of 60mph through residential streets and forced oncoming cars to dodge out of his way.

Wayne Rogan (left) and Jonathan Robson

Wayne Rogan (left) and Jonathan Robson

At one stage he tried to throw police off his trail by reversing into a patrol car following behind, badly damaging it.

Rogan’s passenger, Jonathan Robson, 23, stole the Nissan Qashqai after sneaking inside the owner’s home in Jowitt Road, Hartlepool.

He picked up the keys from the hall before locking the front door behind him.

Yesterday, Rogan, 27, was jailed for 18 months at Teesside Crown Court after he admitted aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.

Robson, who pleaded guilty to burglary and aggravated vehicle taking, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

The victim was alerted to his car being stolen at 4pm on April 8 by his dog barking and alerted police.

Around 40 minutes later officers saw it heading towards Blackhall Rocks on the A1086 Coast Road and gave chase.

Emma Atkinson, prosecuting, said: “Rogan negotiated keep left bollards on the wrong side and in the face of coming traffic.

“He then stopped, reversed at speed and collided with the police vehicle causing extensive damage to the front of the vehicle.

“When he went to drive away he dragged the patrol car down West Street before it disconnected.”

Rogan drove on the wrong side of the road as he weaved in and out of residential streets in Blackhall Colliery.

He failed to give way on the Coast Road and narrowly missed an oncoming vehicle.

He accelerated away from cops at 70mph in Heselden Road and tried to ram into the police car a second time, forcing it to mount the kerb to avoid a crash.

The pair dumped the car in Shafstbury Avenue after crashing into a prefabricated garage, causing £3,900 of damage.

The court heard both men had a number of previous convictions. Rogan, of Heortnesse Road, Hartlepool, had been disqualified from driving for three years in July last year. Robson, of Lime Crescent, Hartlepool, had a record for burglary.