Parents can now provide for their daughter

SO HAPPY: Mark Doherty and Joanne Twizell with daughter Courtney
SO HAPPY: Mark Doherty and Joanne Twizell with daughter Courtney

A COUPLE claim their lives have been “transformed” after securing work through The Fairy Jobmother.

Joanne Twizell and Mark Doherty, both 23, were struggling to keep their heads above water as they survived on handouts with no work in sight.

But after appearing on the programme, the pair both had successful interviews which saw Joanne land a part-time cleaning job at Easington Road-based Fit4Less, while Mark, a former McDonald’s worker, is now a kitchen porter at the Grand Hotel.

Joanne said: “Obviously everyone has been saying they saw us on the telly, and I’ve had a bit of stick off people on Facebook for crying a lot.

“But that was the way I was, I was really low and I can’t tell you how tough it was with me and Mark being out of work.

“We have a three-year-old daughter, Courtney, and as parents we want to provide for her.

“We didn’t want to be relying on the dole and handouts.

“There was one time I was walking through the market and Courtney spotted a Peppa Pig towel which she asked me for. It was six quid, but I didn’t have six quid.

“It was heartbreaking, I felt like I couldn’t provide for my child.

“Now we’re both working, we’re not rolling in money, but at least we can provide things and the situation is far better.”

Mark, who earned a promotion at The Grand just three weeks after being taken on, added: “The programme was good, though there were lots of things which they filmed which didn’t get shown.

“I felt a bit sorry for Joanne, they showed her crying a lot when in reality she did have a smile on her face a lot of the time.

“I looked like a bit of a prat at times, but all in all it came across well I felt.

“Things were bad. We went for seven weeks without any money when our benefits were stopped. We had to send the little one to Joanne’s mam’s because we had no heating or water.

“Things eventually got sorted with the dole, but we couldn’t go on like that. Things were getting on top of us, there was no way out.

“We felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel, but Joanne’s uncle was actually given a leaflet by the production team outside the JobCentre about this programme and we thought we’d have nothing to lose.

“We rang the number, they came and interviewed us and then the next day they told us we were chosen to go on it.

“We didn’t go on the show for a laugh, we went on to change our lives and that is what has happened.

“We are so happy, it has really transformed things for us.”