Pervert locked up

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A PAEDOPHILE who claimed a young girl forced herself on him has been locked up for failing to comply with the terms of a suspended jail sentence.

John Thompson, 61, was spared jail in July this year after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault by kissing the girl.

He insisted he was unable to fight off the young girl, claiming that she “flirted” with him and forced her tongue into his mouth.

Thompson was given an eight-month suspended sentence, provoking condemnation from child protection officials who called his claims “outrageous” and said he should have been jailed.

He is also planning on suing his victim, a court previously heard.

Thompson, of Willow Grove, Hartlepool, was also given a treatment order, supervision and a ban on contact with under-16s.

But within a month of his court appearance, Thompson failed to turn up at a meeting with a probation worker and when he attended others he was said to be uncooperative and hostile.

Nigel Soppitt, prosecuting, previously told Teesside Crown Court that officials from the probation service consider the order to be unworkable because of Thompson’s attitude.

Thompson has now been jailed for his continued refusal to comply with the terms of his suspended sentence.

Judge Gillian Matthews QC activated the suspended sentence and locked Thompson up for eight months.