Pick'n'mix at movie cafe

IT'S big screen entertainment with food thrown in!

Hartlepool's first-ever movie cafe opened its doors today, offering customers cuisine while they watch a film.

The man behind the venture is Adam Bouabda, who unveiled Flix Movie Cafe, in Church Square.

Adam said: "It is like watching a film and having food in your front room but without having to do any of the cooking or any of the cleaning."

Flix has two very different sections. Customers can enjoy a daytime meal while watching big screen entertainment such as Friends or Only Fools and Horses.

Then there's the cinema restaurant, which will have full waiter service.

It will be finger buffet food serving pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and other tasty dishes while people watch big screen movies.

Flix has two 120in screens, a 106in screen and a plasma set behind the bar.

It will hold theme nights with film shows starting at 8pm each evening.

Tuesdays will be a movie quiz, with a film afterwards.

Wednesdays will show classic 80s films, Thursdays will show cult favourites, and Fridays will be "chick flick" night showing hits such as Pretty Woman.

Saturdays are comedy nights and customers can have their area of the restaurant curtained off to enjoy their film and food in comfort with surround sound experience.

The movie cafe idea is big in the USA and Adam said he was "excited" by the challenge.

He added: "I have wanted to do this for so long.

"I have been in the restaurant business for a long time and I love it. But I also love entertainment so this combines the two."