Plans to flatten historic Hartlepool mansion to build 14 houses

Councillor Ray Martin-Wells at Tunstall Court
Councillor Ray Martin-Wells at Tunstall Court

DEVELOPERS say they have been left with no choice but to completely demolish a historic mansion which has been blighted by arson and vandalism.

Ruttle North East, which owns Tunstall Court, in the Ward Jackson area of Hartlepool, has submitted plans to the local authority to completely demolish the problematic building and erect 14 new houses on the site.

The group previously revealed plans to partially demolish Tunstall Court and to create 21 new homes in the main building and 12 houses in the grounds.

But a spokesman has now told the Mail the sheer extent of vandalism on the site has forced them into submitting plans to demolish the full building.

The spokesman said: “It wasn’t our intention to demolish the site but it’s been that badly blighted by vandals we don’t think it’s safe to keep the building as it is.”

The house, which isn’t a listed building, was previously used by Hartlepool Council who used it as a training venue before selling the building in 2005.

Conservative group leader Ray Martin-Wells, who represents the Rural West ward, says he is backed by the residents in the area in calling for the building to be demolished.

Coun Martin-Wells said: “The property is in a state of disrepair, it’s past the point of refurbishment.

“In the last four years I have not had one resident come up to me and say ‘please councillor, can we keep it’. The whole site is a disgrace.”

The demolition application was submitted last month and a decision is expected by the end of April.