PM accused of NHS ‘deception’

PM David Cameron
PM David Cameron

AN MP has accused the Prime Minister of using “weapons of mass deception” over NHS reforms.

The Government saw off a Labour-led attempt to force it to publish an internal assessment of the risks posed by the controversial NHS reforms yesterday.

MPs voted by 299 to 246 against Labour’s motion calling on ministers to release the risk register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill after an ill-tempered Commons debate.

The Information Commissioner Christopher Graham ruled that the document should be published, but Health Secretary Andrew Lansley challenged his decision.

Labour’s Easington MP Grahame Morris said Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron “has broken his promise of no top-down reorganisation by deploying WMD, weapons of mass deception, to conceal the true nature of his reforms.”

He added: “We know the danger to the future of the NHS with up to 49 per cent of work carried out in NHS hospitals done by the private sector and every service provided by the NHS put out to competitive tender, making it vulnerable to private sector takeover.”