Police spending critcised by campaigners

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A POLICE authority has spent almost £52,000 of taxpayers’ cash on printing paper publications in the last year.

Cleveland Police Authority splashed out £46,820 on the publication of its Policing Plan Summaries, and an extra £4,637 distributing its precept leaflet to the people of Hartlepool, and neighbouring towns.

In stark contrast to this, Durham Constabulary spent just £10,439 printing a Local Policing Summary to members of the public on their patch, while Derbyshire Police spent just £450, and Cambridgeshire force did not spend a penny and published its data within local government information booklet.

Cleveland ranked 10th in a table of the most cash being spent, with the most extravagant force being Thames Valley and forking out £110,470.

Campaign group The Taxpayers’ Alliance critcised the spending, and said the money would be better spent on recruitment.