ELECTIONS 2014: Who is standing to become Members of the European Parliament for the North-East

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THERE are a total of 24 men and women standing to become MEPs for the North East in tomorrow’s European Parliament election.

Sitting Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Fiona Hall, from the Lib Dems, and Stephen Hughes, from Labour, have decided not to stand for re-election, but Martin Callanan from the Conservatives is contesting his seat.

The region elects three people to represent its interests at the European Parliament using the list system.

Each party can appoint up to three candidates to stand and is awarded a number of seats based on the number of votes it gains.

European Parliament elections are taking place the same day as the Local Elections although the results will not be announced until Sunday night.

Hartlepool votes will be counted at the Mill House Leisure Centre, in Raby Road, on Sunday evening and the town declaration will be made at the centre.

But the overall regional result will be announced around 10pm, and only once polls have closed elsewhere in Europe, at Silksworth Community Pool, Tennis and Wellness Centre in Sunderland.

The overall declarations will be made by Dave Smith, the regional returning officer.

Nationally, voters will choose 73 MEPs in 12 multi-member regional constituencies and each region has a different number of MEPs based on its population.


An Independence

from Europe

Sherri Forbes, Middlesbrough

Nawal Hazan, Middlesbrough

Mary Forbes, Stockton

British National Party

Martin Joseph Vaughan, South Shields

Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brooke, Whitley Bay

Peter Forman, South Shields

Conservative Party

Martin Callanan, Gateshead

Ben Houchen, Stockton

Andrew Lee, Tadcaster

English Democrats

Kevin Riddiough, Barnsley

Sam Kelly, York

John Lewis, Dunnington

Green Party

Shirley Ford, South Shields

Alison Whalley, Newcastle

Caroline Robinson, Sunderland

Labour Party

Jude Kirton-Darling, Hexham

Paul Brannen, Newcastle

Jayne Shotton, North Shields

Liberal Democrats

Angelika Schneider, Corbridge

Owen Temple, Consett

Christian Vassie, York

UK Independence Party

Jonathan William Arnott, Guisborough; Richard Elvin, Houghton; Phillip Broughton, Stockton