Poppy’s got flower power

Poppy with one of the giant sunflowers
Poppy with one of the giant sunflowers

GARDENING loving Poppy Patterson planted some seeds in her grandmother’s garden and ended up with 50 sunflowers.

Despite the fact the green-fingered eight year old spends a lot of time out in the garden, Poppy had never planted sunflower seeds before.

But she was absolutely over the moon as she saw around 50 of the flowers beginning to grow with some ending up 7ft-tall.

Poppy said: “I didn’t expect to get as many sunflowers as that, I couldn’t believe it.

“I always like spending time in the garden.

“Next year I am going to plant even more sunflower seeds.”

Her proud grandmother, Lynne Patterson, a hairdresser in the town, was delighted to see the resulting flowers growing in her garden in Hartlepool’s Millston Close.

She said: “Poppy planted her little sunflower seeds in the garden, as well as some other seeds.

“We didn’t really think too much of it, but then they started growing and they just kept on coming.

“Poppy was over the moon, she couldn’t believe it.”

Poppy, a pupil at Dene House Primary School, in Peterlee, was out checking on the flowers every time she visited her grandparents’ house.

As well as looking after the sunflowers, she also had to keep a close eye on some pumpkins which she was also growing in the garden.

“Every time she comes around she is out in the garden,” added Lynne, who is married to Tony, a construction worker.

“Her granddad enjoys his gardening and she is always out there helping him out.

“This is the first time she has planted sunflower seeds so we had no idea we would end up with 50 of them in our garden.

“Obviously they didn’t all grow brilliantly and we ended up with around 30 fully grown flowers but it was fantastic for Poppy.

“I’m sure she will be out in the garden again next summer after this.”