Probe in arson attack on garages

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FIRE and police chiefs are investigating two arson attacks to garages within minutes of each other.

Firefighters say a Vauxhall Senator was set on fire in a garage on Haswell Avenue, Hartlepool, at around midnight last night.

Damage was restricted to the back of the car after officers put the fire out.

At around the same time they were called to another blaze in a garage on Stockton Road just a couple of hundred yards away.

The contents of garage in the second incident were destroyed by fire.

A spokesman for Hartlepool fire service said there was obvious signs that both garages, that were not attached to homes, had been broken into.

An investigation has been launched into the exact causes and if the fires are linked.

Crew manager Ronnie Olds from Stranton Fire Station said: “We are concerned by the increase in fires. Residents should be vigilant that garages and outhouses are secure at night.”