Queen’s Speech ‘missed chance’ says town MP

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.

HARTLEPOOL MP Iain Wright said the Queen’s Speech was a “missed opportunity” by the Government to boost business growth and job creation.

The Labour MP hit out at the speech, which outlines the Government’s agenda for the year ahead, and said young people in particularly will suffer.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Wright said there was an absence of measures to deal with business growth and job creation.

He also highlighted concerns about youth unemployment and his fears that health and safety is being eroded.

Mr Wright said the Queen’s Speech was an opportunity for the Government to change its priorities.

But said: “It failed to do that. This country, my constituents, particularly the young people, will be suffering for that missed opportunity for decades to come.”

Unemployment is a major issue in Hartlepool and the Mail’s Work in Progress campaign aims to highlight the plight of the unemployed.

The latest jobless figures show that in Hartlepool, there were 4,671 people receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance in March, which is eight per cent of the working population.

In the 18-24 age category, there were 1,445 claimants.

Mr Wright also claimed that after “only two years” the Government “does seem to have run out of steam quite astonishingly quickly”.

He said: “There is no sense of national mission when it comes to this country, there’s no setting out of the values that are really needed in terms of what the Government wants the British economy to look like in 2020 or 2030.”

Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs: “It is about a government taking the tough, long-term decisions to restore our country to strength.

“Dealing with the deficit, rebalancing the economy and building a society that rewards people who work hard and do the right thing.”

Key legislation includes mothers in England, Scotland and Wales being able to transfer maternity leave to their partners, reforming the adoption process to end delays and making inter-racial adoption easier.

It also included legislation aimed at making it easier for police and intelligence agencies to access, store and share data on private phone calls and email communication and a move towards televised court proceedings and creating a specific offence of driving under the influence of drugs.

There is also a bill to establish a Green Investment Bank and make it easier for firms to sack workers by reforming the employment tribunal system.

Meanwhile, Easington MP Grahame Morris condemned the coalition’s failure to tackle the jobs crisis.

He said that the Queen’s Speech was a “recipe for continuing decline across the North East” and he slammed the ongoing blitz on workplace protection rights.

Mr Morris said: “This pathetic package will do nothing for jobs and growth.

“It is an outrage that the only idea this government comes up with to boost growth is to make it easier for bosses to sack their employees.”

“This only confirms that this government has completely run out of ideas.”

In Easington, there were 3,770 claimants, or 6.2 per cent of the working population.

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