‘Rat run’ road has another accident

Lightfoot Crescent
Lightfoot Crescent

A ROAD which residents say is being used as a rat- run while roadworks are carried out nearby has witnessed another car accident.

People living in Lightfoot Crescent, West View, Hartlepool, say more vehicles, including articulated lorries, are using their normally quiet street and putting people and property at risk.

Residents say a car struck a kerb and lost a wheel Friday in the second known incident.

It was less than two weeks after a car crashed into Les Swan’s front wall, knocking it over as well as his neighbours’ wall.

Mr Swan, 69, told the Mail he feared someone would be killed and called for Hartlepool Borough Council to close the road to traffic while the work is going on.

The nearby roadworks in Easington Road, which are entering their seventh week, are being blamed by residents for the increase in traffic through their street.

Lightfoot Cresent resident John Green said after the latest accident: “It was on the very same corner where the car came round and hit Mr Swan’s brick wall.

“The roadworks are a contributing factor.

“There is so much traffic coming round there now including heavy goods vehicles it is causing problems on the road and making the surface slippery.

“People are using Lightfoot Crescent as a rat run and are not using any consideration.

“On Friday a 40-tonne articulated wagon came along there absolutely lost. This problem is not going away whenever roadworks are in place.”

A sign has been put up by the Hartlepool Borough Council in Lightfoot Crescent saying it is only to be used by residents and the authority has repeated earlier warnings from both itself and police to follow advertised diversions.

The work, which has included road closures near the University Hospital of Hartlepool roundabout, is due to end next Monday, November 19.