Residents reassured over green deal

ENERGY chiefs have moved to reassure residents that they won’t be disturbed by the green deal despite the landfill site overlooking houses in Seaton Carew.

And ENER-G Natural Power also allayed fears of any dangers to people as a result of the energy-from-waste scheme.

The environmentally-friendly equipment that will be used to turn the rubbish into power will be encased in soundproof enclosures and there should only be “minor” disruption for a short time when the electricity connection is made.

This is likely to only affect a small number of businesses on the Longhill Industrial Estate.

Ian Cooper, director of ENER-G Natural Power, said: “The construction works are minor and are unlikely to cause any disruption. “Equipment will be contained in soundproof enclosures.

“There will be minor disruption during a short period when the electricity connection is made, but the supplier will communicate fully and work closely with any affected businesses on the industrial estate to plan this work and mitigate any disruption.”

He also added: “Bio-gas capture and generation from landfill gas is a proven process and proven technology practised widely through the UK and across the globe.

“Over the past decade ENER-G has designed, built and safely operates more than 160MW of landfill gas generation, more than 100 installations.

“This is the best available technology for controlling methane emissions and turning a greenhouse gas into renewable energy that can supply affordable clean energy while meeting the UK’s climate change targets.”

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