Revised new homes plan for Wynyard Park

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STREAMLINED plans have been submitted for 200 homes near a flagship business park.

Wynyard Park has submitted an amended planning application to Hartlepool Borough Council to build 200 houses.

The plan is to build the executive-style houses on land to the west of Wynyard Park, off the A689.

The original scheme which was submitted at the turn of the year met with objections from some neighbouring residents and some bodies which fear it will cause traffic congestion and over-development.

No date has been set for when the plans will go before the council’s planning committee but dozens of residents from nearby Wynyard Village have objected.

Concerns about traffic congestion, the density of housing and the lack of amenities such as shops in the area, have all been raised.

Another resident said that when they moved to Wynyard Village they were under the impression that the north of the A689 would be reserved for commercial and business use only.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s planning department has received 50-plus objections to the original application and a dozen or so since it was amended.

Hartlepool Civic Society said it was concerned about over-development of the Wynyard area in general and that the latest scheme would add to that and also increase traffic congestion.

Wynyard Park Ltd CEO Chris Musgrave said “As part of our commitment to providing a flagship development in line with national and local guidelines the plans have been worked on continuously throughout the consultation and planning process and amended in a bid to provide a development that meets the needs of everyone.

“The scheme will focus on the development of a mixed-use sustainable community where people can live, work, rest and play in a woodland setting.

“The proposed housing development will complement the existing permissions within the wider Wynyard Park masterplan.

“The development plans were drawn up in consultation with numerous agencies including environmental, design and regeneration agencies.

“Many agencies and bodies wish to work alongside Wynyard Park Ltd to develop a scheme that has been developed with local and national Government guidelines at the forefront of the plans.”

“The amended plans have been drawn up to reflect what we hope to achieve for the benefit of the economy and the environment.”

The Core Strategy is a 15-year council planning blueprint for the development of Hartlepool.

The application site, which is made up of dense woodland and open agricultural fields, is located within Hartlepool council’s boundary.

Wynyard Village is directly south of the application site on the opposite side of the A689.

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