Road change a success

Arncliffe Gardens
Arncliffe Gardens
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A ONE-WAY traffic system covering four Hartlepool streets is being hailed a success – despite a few “teething problems”.

The scheme, covering Arncliffe Gardens, Wansbeck Gardens, Eamont Gardens and Belmont Gardens, in Hartlepool, came into force on Friday.

And councillors for the area say residents, who have struggled with parking and congestion issues for several years due to parking on both sides of the roads, are pleased with the results so far.

Councillor Ged Hall, Labour representative for the Burn Valley ward, said: “From what I’ve seen it appears to be working quite smoothly and I certainly hope it continues this way.

“The big tests obviously come on school runs and at tea-time when people are coming home from work but I haven’t had any complaints so far.”

But Coun Hall did say that there have been a few problems with drivers ignoring, or forgetting, about the new one-way system and are still trying to gain access to the roads from the Elwick Road end. Their access is now only from Park Road.

He said: “I was getting a taxi up from the town on Sunday and there was a bit of stand-off in Belmont Gardens because someone had turned around the wrong way in the street. I’m sure these are just teething problems though and as soon as everyone gets used to it, it’ll be fine.”

Councillor John Lauderdale, independent councillor for the Burn Valley ward, agreed.

“On my walkabouts there have been several residents who have passed comment,” he said.

“Some have said how pleased they are about the effect and one or two who live on Park Road have said that there are some cars being parked in Park Road now that previously weren’t there. I don’t know whether parking habits are anything to do with the one-way system but I’m sure time will tell.

“There’s been one or two cars crossing from Baden Street into Arncliffe Gardens as they always have done when they shouldn’t be doing that now.”

He added: “The general view I’m getting is that it’s been very helpful. It’s previously been a bit of a nightmare down there for a number of years.”