Sacked police says disciplinary findings wrong

FORMER Cleveland Police Chief Constable Sean Price has spoken out after being sacked for misconduct.

Mr Price was dismissed from the force after two counts of gross misconduct were upheld at a disciplinary hearing which concluded yesterday.

In a statement he said: “Clearly, I am extremely disappointed with the result today.

“I believe the disciplinary proceedings have, sadly, come to an incorrect conclusion.

“When the judgment was delivered and I was offered the chance to put forward mitigation, I declined - the panel was mistaken in their finding and I could not seek to argue for a lesser punishment for something I haven’t done.

“I will therefore be discussing with my lawyers over the next few days how this can be addressed. It is important that the public be aware that the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) carefully studied this file and decided there was no criminal case to answer.”

He went on to say: “As chief constable I have been, and remain, immensely proud of the achievements of Cleveland Police and the dedication of its officers and staff.

“They have produced record falls in crime and disorder and won the confidence and support of the communities they serve, winning the title of police force of the year in 2011. I am confident this success will continue.

“On a personal note, I continue to deny any wrongdoing in this or any other matter.”