Savannah sees off would-be mugger

Savannah Marshall
Savannah Marshall

NEVER try to mug a Poolie – in or out of the boxing ring.

Savannah Marshall suffered one robbery in Brazil but gave one of her major Olympic rivals and one would-be thief a sharp reminder that she is not a woman to be trifled with.

The 20-year-old experienced a frustrating first international fight in Sao Paulo during Great Britain’s training trip, losing on countback to Roseli Feitosa.

Marshall and the Brazilian finished level at 16-16 after four thrilling rounds in the confrontation between two of the planets top middleweights.

The 2010 world champion at U81 kilos snatched it 52-51 on punch countback against the silver medallist from Barbados in the U69 kilo division.

Marshall felt hard done to but at least she had confirmed her place at the top of the U75 elite.

That message had not made it on to the streets of Sao Paulo because someone tried to make it two robberies in two days.

“We trained really hard for the first week and never went out,” Marshall told SportMail.

“But the day after our first fights we were given a day off

“We had been told to watch out if we were going out into the city because of the robberies.

“The squad decided to go out to the beach on the Saturday and I wasn’t out for two minutes when someone tried to mug me.

“I wear a gold chain with a cross on it and some lad tried to rip it off my neck.

“I was shocked and shouted at him and he took off.”

It’s a good job for the attacker that Marshall used her voice rather than her left or right fists!