Sex claims branded “disgusting”

Sean Johnstone
Sean Johnstone

A MAN accused of a string of sex crimes against two women – along with downloading child pornography – has described the claims as “disgusting”.

Sean Johnstone, 42, is standing trial at Teesside Crown Court where he faces 28 charges including rape, sexual assault and possessing indecent images of children as well as extreme pornography featuring animals.

Two women have claimed in court that he physically and sexually abused them.

But Johnstone denied each one of the allegations when he gave evidence yesterday.

He claimed he would not have been physically able to commit many of the alleged crimes because of a degenerative muscle-wasting disease he suffers from which affects his mobility.

Responding to one allegation that he punched and head-butted one of the women, he said: “I’m not that steady on my feet.

“I think I would have done more damage to myself.”

Johnstone denied all of the alleged sex attacks, saying some did not happen while others were consensual.

He denied a claim that he raped one of the women while a laptop was connected to an adult webcam site.

Johnstone admitted looking at the site but says he was introduced to it by the alleged victim and he never broadcast himself.

He said: “I have never ever sat there and videoed anybody.”

He was challenged about a sexual allegation involving one of the women and his pet Rottweiler.

Johnstone denied the incident happened, saying: “Definitely not, no. It’s disgusting. It simply didn’t happen.”

He was also quizzed about over 300 indecent pictures of children that were found on computers.

Defence barrister Jim Withyman asked: “How do you think they got on three separate computers and a disc in your house?”

Johnstone said: “I’ve wracked my brains for months and months. It’s disgraceful what I have heard.

“It wasn’t me.”

Mr Withyman asked him: “Did you search for and put those images on computers from the internet?”

The defendant said: “I certainly didn’t.

“I wouldn’t dream of being like that.”

Johnstone, of Wharton Terrace, Hartlepool, denies all 28 charges.

The trial continues on Monday.