Site plans cause concern

Iris Ryder
Iris Ryder

CONCERNS have been raised by a green activist about Hartlepool’s first energy-from-waste scheme at a landfill site.

Iris Ryder, member of the Friends of Hartlepool group, said she doesn’t think plans to transform Longhill Industrial Estate’s rotting waste are “a good idea”.

She believes that methane gas could escape into the atmosphere, especially if there is an emergency situation, and says landfill sites should not be here in the first place.

But ENER-G Natural Power hit back, saying the green machines comply with pollution prevention regulations and all generators and pipework are rigorously checked by engineers once-weekly.

She told the Mail: “It appears to be making use of a waste product, but actually it’s not.

“Methane is a more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

“You will have more exposed to the air because when they’re working on the site it will get out. Plus there are always accidents.

“There’s no need for a landfill site to be there anyway.”

She added: “I’m all for reusing and recycling but this is a case where methane shouldn’t be produced in the first place because the landfill shouldn’t be there.”

Ian Cooper, director of ENER-G Natural Power, said: “This project is all about using the best available technology for controlling and capturing methane emissions, then converting them into renewable electricity.

“ENER-G’s landfill gas utilisation equipment conforms to all regulatory requirements under the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations.”

She added: “The generators and pipework are monitored 24/7 using the GKontrol remote monitoring system used to monitor all of ENER-G’s bio-gas and combined heat and power systems globally.

“Should any anomalies or issues occur, the system automatically dials ENER-G’s on-call engineers, of which there are more than 80 nationwide, to provide an instant response.

“In addition, a project engineer will visit the site regularly during each week and a strict maintenance and monitoring regime will be implemented.”

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