Smoke alarm warning after grill blaze

FIRE chiefs have stressed the importance of having smoke alarms in the home after a resident was alerted to an oven fire.

Food under a grill caught light at a house in Winthorpe Grove, on the Fens estate, Hartlepool, at 9.30am on Saturday.

The smoke alarm went off and the man who lives there put out the fire with a damp tea towel before the brigade arrived.

The oven and kitchen suffered heat and smoke damage, but the fire service said the incident could have been a lot worse.

Steve Waggott, watch manager at Stranton Fire Station, said: “It would have been much more worse for all concerned if he didn’t have a working smoke alarm which alerted him to the fire.”

Following the incident, the fire service is to target homes in the area to remind residents about fire safety and tell them about free home checks that are available.

The service includes fitting smoke alarms for free to homes that need them.

For more information or arrange a visit call (01429) 874063.