Still out of work despite 100 job applications

Sian  Scott.
Sian Scott.
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FRUSTRATED Sian Scott has applied for more than 100 jobs in the last four years but is still out of work.

She is one of the 1,425 young people in Hartlepool who are unable to get on the employment ladder and claim jobseekers allowance.

Today, the Mail is relaunching our Work in Progress campaign - with the “wholehearted support” of the Government’s Employment Minister who says he will do “everything he can” to get young people into work.

Mark Hoban says he welcomes the campaign, which was initially launched by the Mail early last year in an effort to highlight the plight of young people in the town looking for work.

Despite the number of 18-24 year olds who are claiming jobseekers allowance being lower than it was a year ago, Mr Hoban admitted the figures will be of “little consolation” to those young people still looking for work in Hartlepool.

The Mail will now support and follow the progress of a number of young people doing all they can to get on the job ladder.

Mr Hoban said: “Many of those young jobseekers have a great deal to offer employers, just like the people you are featuring in your campaign.

“I’m sure that with the Mail’s help and the support we can offer, the right opportunity won’t be far away.

“Congratulations to the Mail for championing the skills and potential of young jobseekers who want to work - we will do evertything we can to help them make that dream come true.”

Sian, 24, said her search for work has been “disheartening” and has lost count of how many jobs she has applied for this year alone.

But the dedicated former High Tunstall College of Science student continues to bounce back from her numerous setbacks and is focused on landing her dream job in retail or customer service.

Eighteen months ago she was referred to Triage, based at Maritime House in Hartlepool, an organisation which works with the Government’s Work Programme and focuses on motivating and inspiring people to regain confidence and self-respect.

And Sian, who lives in Hutton Avenue with her parents, Susan and David, and younger brother, Chris, 20, did manage to get six weeks of work on a temporary contract last year.

But when that short-term role came to an end, she was back to looking for work.

“Being out of work is horrible, I’m not going to lie, I absolutely hate it,” she said.

“I apply for absolutely everything and it is so disheartening.

“But Triage has been a god-send, they have given me the confidence to think there is a job out there for me and made me realise the support is there.”

Mr Hoban said: “I welcome the Mail’s Work in Progress campaign to get young people into work and give it my wholehearted support.

“As Minister for Employment I travel up and down the country meeting lots of young people who have moved off benefits and found work - and it’s good news that unemployment has been falling since last spring.

“Despite the economic challenges we face, there are jobs out there - there are around 600 more people in work in Hartlepool than a year ago, and across the country Jobcentre Plus takes on 10,000 vacancies every working day.

“Our challenge is to make sure jobseekers have the right skills and experience to take up those opportunities - and that’s what we’re doing.”