‘Stop littering in the woods’

Mitch Wilson pictured opposite the wooded area where litter has become a problem,
Mitch Wilson pictured opposite the wooded area where litter has become a problem,
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A MAN is calling on fellow members of the public to stop throwing litter in a wooded area near to where he lives.

Mitch Wilson regularly walks his retriever dog Pippa in a wooded area opposite The Tall Ships pub, off the A179 Hart Road, in Hartlepool.

And the 61-year-old says each time he goes he finds a stack of rubbish including wine bottles, cans, plastic containers, general household rubbish and he even once found a toilet cistern and a plastic chair.

Each time he finds a new collection of garbage he takes it home to dispose of it properly.

But Mitch says “enough is enough” and people – whether they be adults or children - should be more willing to care for their environment instead of making it into a dumping ground.

Mitch, a dad-of-two, who lives in Alnwick Close, in the Clavering area of Hartlepool, said: “It’s disgusting really that people think it’s ok to do this.

“I’m urging people to take their rubbish with them. It’s a right mess and it totally brings the area down. Nobody cares about it.”

The construction engineer added: “I pick the mess up every morning when I go round there with the dog. I’ve picked up wine bottles and cans probably from where people have been drinking and I even collect household rubbish as well.

“Once I found a toilet cistern and a plastic chair! It’s shocking.

“We should be looking after where we live, not trying to make it look like a dumping ground.

“If it wasn’t for me picking up this rubbish there’d be a huge pile there now. It’s not nice at all.”

Mitch said people must got to wooded area each day and deposit their trash there before simply walking away.

“I just hope me talking about this makes people think a bit more,” he added.