Strategies already in place

A HOST of measures have already been introduced in Hartlepool town centre to tackle alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour and crime.

These include a campaign called Operation Respect to deal with nuisances in the town centre, which has led to an increase in arrests and direction to leave notices being issued.

CCTV cameras alerts officers and door staff to incidents before they escalate.

Taxi marshalls from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) help run a scheme which urges revellers to queue for a fully-licensed taxi in a designated area of Church Street on Saturday nights between midnight and 5am, to help people get home more quickly and safely, and prevents lone women wandering the streets looking for cabs.

A road closure has also been put in place on Saturdays overnight which improves safety and makes the street pedestrianised.

Radios have been introduced to bars and clubs in the Church Street area to allow staff to have a direct link with police officers to alert them to any trouble, to check banning orders and to flag-up vulnerable people.

Volunteer pastors from the Elim Living Waters Pentecostal Church take to the streets to assist people who are vulnerable or in need of assistance.

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