Street life for Roy and Hayley

ROY arrived on the street on July 19, 1995.Roy bought Alma Baldwin's café in 1997 for £35,000.

The cafe was renamed Roy's Rolls and Roy moved into the upstairs flat. In 1998 Roy met Hayley Patterson at a dinner party thrown by Alma Baldwin.

They developed a good relationship but Roy reacted badly when he found out "she" was really a "he".

When she was in Amsterdam after an operation to become a complete woman he went out to visit her and confessed his undying love with both of them returning to Weatherfield together.

Hayley worked as a supervisor at Freshco's. But after her sex reassignment she got a job in Underworld, a underwear factory, as a machinist.

In 1999 the couple had a marriage blessing.

In 2003 Tracy Barlow laid a 1 bet with Bev Unwin that she could get Roy Cropper into bed.

She drugged Roy with a spiked drink and told him she was pregnant with his baby.

Roy agreed to marry Tracy to secure parental rights, but it almost cost him his relationship with Hayley.

He also contemplated suicide.

Tracy's baby's real dad turned out to be Steve McDonald.

Tracy offered to sell the child to the Croppers for 20,000.

Just days after the kid was handed over, Tracy demanded her back and told Steve the truth about the baby.

Recently Hayley has found out she is the father of Christian but has yet to tell him the truth, which has angered Roy.

Hayley is set to jet off to Africa for a few months as Julie takes a break to spend more time with her family.

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