Students show political interest

STUDENTS took the opportunity to enhance their political knowledge when a Baroness and 16-time Paralympic medalist paid them a visit.

A group of select youngsters at Manor College of Technology spent the afternoon with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

But despite Baroness Grey-Thompson’s outstanding array of sporting achievements, it was actually the House of Lords and her role in politics which was topic of the day.

The inspirational 42-year-old was appointed to the House of Lords, where she serves as a non political party crossbench peer, in 2010.

And like her sporting performances, she has made quite an impact, recently contributing to the Welfare Reform and Legal Aid Bill.

She took the time to visit Manor College, in Owton Manor Lane, in the town, to discuss politics with the youngsters and said she extremely impressed.

Baroness Grey-Thompson told the Mail: “It was fantastic, really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The students asked some amazing questions.

“The visit was to talk about the work in the House of Lords and to get the students interested in politics.

“I asked how many of them watch the Parliament Channel on television and five of them put their hands up.

“Politics isn’t something which youngsters of their age tend to take an interest in so that was impressive.

“But I just want to get the message across that politics has an influence on everything we do.”

The visit was part of the Peers in School programme which operates throughout the country and sees members of the House of Lords visiting schools and sixth form colleges.

Anne Malcolm, headteacher at Manor College of Technology, said: “The youngsters prepared some questions to ask which they put to Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

“It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and I would like to thank Baroness Grey-Thompson for taking the time to come into our school.”