Support for eczema sufferers

Kristian and Donna Emmerson
Kristian and Donna Emmerson

page 10 sep 26 file pic leadA MUM whose son looks to have overcome a severe skin condition is looking to reform a support group for other sufferers.

Kristian’s Wish: The Hartlepool Eczema Support Group was first launched two years ago by Donna Emmerson in a bid to give support to people who have the condition.

It was set up in the name of her six-year-old son Kristian who used to suffer really badly from eczema.

Donna, a full time mum, took time off to have a baby but is now ready to re-launch the group and the first meeting is scheduled for this week.

The 29-year-old said: “There are still a lot of sufferers out there and I wanted to re-launch the group.

“It is a support network aimed at giving people the chance to talk about their experiences and share treatments they have.

“In the past we have had nurses and chemists give talks and we will be looking to do something similar.”

The family first moved to Hartlepool from Billingham four years ago but within months of arriving Kristian broke out with eczema.

The youngster suffered dry and flaky eczema on his body and wet and bleeding eczema on his face.

His mother faced a constant battle treating him with creams, ointments and body wraps, as previously reported by the Mail.

He was bathed in ointment every night to help control the condition and when it flared up had to wear a suit with a hood and gloves when he went to bed.

But thanks to steroid cream treatment and constant moisturising from the body wraps his skin has cleared up.

Donna said: “Kristian is doing really well and his skin has cleared.

“That is down to the steroid cream and the body wraps which were used to keep his skin moist.

“Hopefully he has grown out of it but we will have to wait and see.”

Donna, who is married to Andrew, 31, lives on the town’s Bishop Cuthbert estate with Kristian and sister Lauren, nine and one-year-old Savannah.

The group is due to meet at the Grand Hotel on Wednesday, September 28, from 7pm and it could become a monthly event.

It has been supported by the Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency (HVDA), which is based in Victoria Road.

For more information call the HVDA on (01429) 262641.