Support your town and back our campaign to boost business in Hartlepool

LET’S keep the pound in Hartlepool!

That’s the message to everyone in our town today as we launch a new campaign to protect our economy.

It’s time to fight for a vibrant future and we are doing it through our Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local scheme.

And it comes at an ideal time with signs that some Hartlepool people don’t even l Turn to know what’s in their own town centre.

Middleton Grange Shopping Centre manager Mark Rycraft said: “I have spoken to people who have forgotten which stores we have in the shopping centre. There are stores in the Market Hall who have been trading for four years and people tell me they didn’t know they were there.

“When they do pay a visit, they are pleasantly surprised at the offer we have available.”

The launch of the Shop Local event

The launch of the Shop Local event

He explained why there’s been a shift away from town centre shopping.

“I don’t care who you are. People form habits. It’s easy to jump in a car, head up the A19 or go to Middlesbrough to go shopping. People forget what is available on their doorstep.”

But Mr Rycraft believes people could find what they needed much closer to home if they just bothered to look.

Our new campaign launches today with an eight-page supplement inside the paper, explaining why it is important to get behind the town.

From now until Christmas, we want to celebrate the success of our local retailers and help ensure they continue to play a prominent role in a vibrant Hartlepool.

Read our supplement for local interviews as well as facts and figures on why it is so important to support your town.

Andrew Steel, co-ordinator of the Hartlepool Business Forum, said: “We all benefit from an improvement in the Hartlepool economy. I am all in favour of this.”

Backing also came from Cleveland College of Art & Design which is on the verge of launching a recruitment drive to bring in a new generation of students as the college moves to university level status.

Nicola Craddock, the college’s marketing and student recruitment manager, said: “Hartlepool is amazing for what it has on its doorstep and for what it can offer as a student experience.”

But Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local does not end there.

In the coming weeks, we will report on local businesses that are supporting the campaign and why they think a vibrant Hartlepool can only succeed with a strong independent retail sector.

And we want to include even more of our local entrepreneurs in Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local.

We want to hear from local businesses interested in backing the campaign.

Get in touch and tell us your story.

Contact Chris Cordner on (01429) 239377 or email

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