Sweet taste of success for Julia

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COMPETITION winner extraordinaire Julia Kiss is set to make an appearance in the homes of millions of people after claiming her latest prize.

The 47-year-old self-confessed competition addict is getting used to seeing her smiling face as she opens newspapers and magazines.

The hospital worker entered an online recipe competition for sweetener manufacturer Canderel.

And judges were so impressed by her version of homemade apple filo tarts she won first prize and the chance to feature in a national advertising campaign.

The new ad has already been published in the BBC Good Food magazine and will also appear in magazines including Take a Break, Woman’s Weekly, Prima, Weight Watchers and Woman’s Own.

Julia, who lives in the Fens area of Hartlepool, will also feature in pull-outs with the Mail on Sunday, The Sun and Sunday Mirror.

As if that was not enough, as part of the prize Julia also enjoyed a day of cooking in London with celebrity chef Ed Baines.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Julia, an information analyst at the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

“I went down to London for the day to do all of the photo shoots for the advert and then last month got the chance to go down to the capital again to spend the day cooking with Ed.

“For both trips I was taken to London on the train first class, it was brilliant.”

Julia and her numerous competition wins have featured in the Mail in the past.

She admits that she enters absolutely every competition she sees and has won several cruise trips, a ride in a hot-air balloon and a new car to name just a few prizes.

But despite the impressive list, Julia said her most recent win is her most enjoyable to date.

“Competition wins have given me some wonderful, out of the ordinary experiences, but this has been my best prize win so far,” added Julia.

“It is strange looking at myself as I open the magazine, that’s going to take some getting used to but I think it’s quite a nice photo.

“I’ve had quite a few people coming up to me and saying how good they think it looks which is great.

“Cooking alongside Ed was just fantastic, we spent the majority of the day in the kitchen and then when the food was ready we ate the meal and drank some wine in the courtyard adjoining the kitchen.

“Ed was very knowledgeable, friendly, funny and good company, I didn’t want the afternoon to end.”