Talia suffers a health setback

Talia Foster
Talia Foster

A BATTLING youngster has been hit with a huge set back after a physiotherapy consultation had to be cancelled because she fell ill.

Little Talia Foster travelled to Oxford with her parents Clair, 37, and Brendan, 35, for the consultation, but it had to be deferred until next year as she has been struck with pneumonia.

The family made the trip on Tuesday to the Footsteps Rehabilitation Centre where Talia was due for her first assessment ahead of planned treatment later this year.

But due to Talia starting to feel unwell, she was not able to try out the specialist Spider Treatment, which exercises the different muscles in the body with a range of elastic ropes.

Specialists have now asked Talia, who suffers a daily ordeal of seizures and cannot sit, walk or talk unaided, to go back for the assessment next year.

It is a huge blow for the family, which organised a string of events that have raised more than £8,000 in the last four months.

But Clair, who is also mum to Callum, 15, and seven-year old Gabrielle, said they are remaining positive.

“Talia is still set to start some physiotherapy treatment in Darlington, which should be very good for her,” she said.

“The facilities at the centre in Oxford looked very good, but unfortunately Talia just wasn’t well on the day.

“The specialist said he thinks it is going to be best for us to go back for the assessment next year, which is obviously a bit of a blow.

“But right now we are just thinking about making sure Talia is ok.”

The brave two-year-old was rushed to the University Hospital of Hartlepool on Wednesday after suffering with breathing problems and sickness.

She was given a chest x-ray where doctors spotted a patch on top of one of her lungs.

Talia was then taken by ambulance to the University Hospital of North Tees where she is currently being treated by doctors.

Speaking from Talia’s bedside, Clair, who lives in the Owton Manor area of Hartlepool, told the Mail: “Talia isn’t well at all.

“With her suffering with the problems she does we need to be very careful.”

Talia remains on oxygen and antibiotics and has been undergoing some chest physiotherapy.

Clair added: “Talia is still very lethargic, but she is in the best place.

“Her health can deteriorate very quickly, but the doctors are keeping a close eye on her.”