Targets are set for new police chief

Police and Crime Comissioner Barry Coppinger
Police and Crime Comissioner Barry Coppinger

CLEVELAND’S new Police and Crime Commissioner has set out targets for the new chief constable for Cleveland Police.

Barry Coppinger has stressed that cutting crime and anti-social behaviour and strengthening neighbourhood policing will be the key targets for whoever gets the job.

He says he is looking for someone who can ‘lead by example in words and deed, ensuring that the force is truly in line with the priorities of the public who simply want to feel safe in their homes and when they walk down the street’.

The new chief constable, who will replace Sean Price who was sacked for misconduct, will be paid £140,00, which he says is within national guidance levels.

Mr Coppinger says the salary reflects “the reality that there are 17 chief constable vacancies across the country, the reality that policing Cleveland is a tough challenge, and the reality that we urgently need a stable senior team”.

He has also underlined that the salary will be “totally transparent, there will be no hidden bonuses or ‘retention payments’ and the only allowances will be those set out in the regulations”.

Mr Coppinger said: “I am making it crystal clear to would-be candidates that the key tests for our new chief constable will be straightforward, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour and strengthening neighbourhood policing.

“Of course I am aware that currently there are a large number of chief constable posts which need to be filled on a permanent basis in different parts of the country, but I believe that leading the Cleveland force is an opportunity which should appeal to those senior officers who feel they can build on the progress which has been made in recent years, both in terms of tackling crime and increasing public confidence.

“We may be one of the smaller forces in the country, but we offer a wide challenge, one of the most densely populated conurbations with significant economic and social issues, as well as having one of the highest concentrations of hazardous industrial sites.

“I am looking for an individual who will work with me in implementing a vision based on a commitment to make our local communities safer, stronger and with an improved quality of life.”

Applications for the post have to be received by December 28, with interviews taking place at the end of January.