The day Led Zep played Peterlee

AS Oasis and Take That prepare to play sell-out gigs in the region, it has emerged that two of the world's greatest rock bands could have cut their teeth in Peterlee.

Music promoter Mick Arnell is urging fans to hand over any information to prove that The Argus Butterfly pub, in Peterlee, played host to Led Zeppelin and The Who in their formative years in the 1960s.

The pub did host successful 1960s bands including Family and Ten Years After, before they went on to perform at Woodstock, after they were attracted to the venue by the Peterlee Jazz and Folk Club.

But it has now emerged that rock superstars Led Zeppelin, The Who, Free, Bad Company and Jethro Tull may have also performed at the pub as up-and-coming bands during the 1960s and 1970s. Now Mick, who runs music promotion company Monkey Hanger Productions in Peterlee, is asking for information as he hopes to return the venue to its former glory.

He said: "If people could fill me in about what was happening in those days, it would be brilliant. It could be like folklore where a semi-successful band has played, the story passed from one person to another, and ended up being Led Zeppelin.

"I have spoken to a few people who remember seeing Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. I would love to learn more about who played there."

Mick is also appealing for local bands to come forward to perform at the venue. He said: "The whole thing about bringing this venue back to life is that it has a bit of history.

"We need people to support it and we need some bands to play. It is a really old venue and there is a cracking stage and changing rooms."

Discos are being held at the pub on Friday nights, with 99 Problems and Hostage Rescue Team performing on Saturday, November 22, and Emerald Thieves on Sunday, November 30.

Anyone interested in performing at the venue can contact Mr Arnell on (0191) 5868867.