Think about the morning after

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FOOTBALL fans planning on enjoying a few drinks during the football extravaganza are being urged to think about “the morning after”.

The message is part of a campaign aimed at reminding people that drinking too much while watching afternoon or evening matches could leave them still unfit to drive the next morning.

Road Safety GB NE, an organisation representing local authority road safety officers across the region, is running the “Win, Lose or Draw” campaign throughout the Euro 2012 tournament until it draws to a close on July 1.

Group chairman Paul Watson, who is also Hartlepool Borough Council’s road safety officer, said: “The campaign message is simple. Whether the team you are supporting wins, loses or draws always be aware of how long alcohol remains in your body after a drinking session.”

Once the tournament ends, the campaign will be extended to take in the London 2012 Olympic Games which begin towards the end of July.

The Road Safety GB NE campaign is being supported by local authorities across the North-East, Cleveland Fire Brigade, Cleveland Police, as well as Hartlepool United FC and licensed premises.

Mr Watson added: “The campaign is part of our remit to reduce road casualties in the North-East. We want people to enjoy the Euro 2012 football tournament but we also want them to be aware of the need to remain safe on the roads – particularly the next day.

“We’re reminding people that if they’ve had a drink the day before, they may not be over the legal limit the next morning but they may still be feeling the effects of alcohol and be unfit to drive.”

Posters and leaflets will be on display in licensed premises, libraries and local authority customer access points across the region and people can also find out more at