Thousands on waiting list

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THOUSANDS of people are waiting for social housing because of the “broken housing market”, a new report has claimed.

A study by the National Housing Federation paints a bleak picture of the North-East’s housing market where families can no longer afford to buy or rent homes.

It claims that across the region 76,950 households are now languishing on social housing waiting lists.

In Hartlepool the number is 2,385 and in County Durham the figure is 13,467.

The Federation claims spiralling mortgage deposits and private rents have pushed affordable housing out of the reach of many.

It states the average North-East wage is £19,120, while an average house costs seven-and-a-half times the average income.

Published by the National Housing Federation, which represents not-for-profit housing associations across England, the Home Truths report calls on the Government to build new homes.

Monica Burns, the federation’s lead manager for the North-East, said: “The Government must act quickly so more affordable homes are built and empty homes are brought back into use before the North’s broken housing market gets any worse”.