Threat to bomb police car

A DRUNK man threatened to “bomb a police car and burn it out” after walking towards a lone officer with clenched fists wanting to fight.

Michael Shaun Patrick Fisher caught the attention of the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) as he stood by himself kicking the shutters of a shop in a “violent fashion”.

The PCSO went over to the 48-year-old and he stopped what he was doing before shouting abuse.

Fisher then put down a bag he was carrying and walked towards the officer with his fists clenched.

Prosecuting, Lorraine Cooper said: “It was 8.20pm when the defendant was seen by a Police Community Support Officer in Oxford Street, Hartlepool kicking at shop shutters in a violent fashion.

“The officer approached him and he was verbally abusive. He placed a bag he was carrying on the floor and came at the officer with clenched fists wanting to fight.

“The officer radioed for assistance. He continued being aggressive and it was quite clear that he was intoxicated.

“He was warned about his conduct and was shouting to the officers that he would knock them out.

“He said he would bomb the officers’ police vehicle and burn it out.”

She added: “To be fair to him, the majority of his previous offending does date back some seven years.”

Fisher represented himself in court and pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly on February 25.

Chairman of the bench Stephen Hall asked Fisher if he had learned a lesson to which he replied: “I’m sorry for what I’ve done, I lost my head.”

Mr Hall sentenced Fisher, of Gladstone Street, Hartlepool, to a six-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £25 costs.